úterý 27. března 2012

I never wrote it down

I´ll tell you a secret. The best festival ever. You wanna know the name? Let´s see. This festival takes place in the one of the most beautiful cities of the world. (Gustaf´s Norén´s words.) This year will celebrate 20th anniversary and will bring probably all of the most important bands/musician for me right now. Mando Diao, Placebo, Paolo Nutini, The Vaccines and about thousands names that I wanna hear live like The Hurts, The Subways, Beatsteaks... This festival was always way too special. One year played there Manu Chao together with Mando Diao, on the same day.
Also this festival takes place in a city where once, down in the past, in the very same year I was born, took place very special concert of a very special band called Queen. And as Freddie Mercury said if he had to name one place that represents Magic for him, it would be this city, this very concert.
Cause I was kind of a Queen nerd I followed his words and discovered the most important place for me, practically by accident, if you look at it that way. Place that actually gave me Mando Diao, this whole new world I´m living in now, place where I met the Ochrasy, so to speak.
There are many more signs that has to be told, but maybe some other time. Let´s reveal this huge secret.
This is the best festival ever. If you have time, go there. Go to Budapest. You will never forget.

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