středa 29. února 2012

To be crazy is good when you want to create something

Some Caligola. Just one day left till Back to Earth! You can order it here. And you can also download the song Milagro if you have subscribed to Newslater from MusikExpress here.

Do you remember, the days when we were young

Another photo from legendary Molotow. Return to the past, 2004.

Att skapa något större än sig själva

New day, new playlist.

Aaron Neville - “Hercules”
Michel Polnareff - “Voyages”
Wings - “Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five”
Giorgio Moroder - “Chase”
Eek-A-Mouse - “Ganja Smuggling”
Billie Holiday - “Good Morning Heartache”
Diana Ross - “Tenderness” 
Prince -  “Let's Go Crazy”
Everly Brothers - “Take A Message To Mary”
Bob Dylan & Joan Baez - “Mama You've been on my mind”
Bing Crosby - “When A Child Is Born”
Nina Simone - “In The Morning”
Michael Jackson - “You Rock My World”
Isaac Hayes - “Walk On By”

Listen here:

Lyssna: Musikguiden med i P3 med gästredakör: Mando Diao 28/2

When the wall starts falling down

It´s a pity we didn´t record also Mr. Moon that followed Sweet Jackie, cause it was probably the most beautiful version of Mr. Moon I´ve ever seen live.
And somehow today I feel like I wanna share this P&L video. Cause sometimes the love wins. Fuck yeah.

The day is using up its final breath

Join the cause about legendary Molotow club where Mando Diao started down in the past. Like the facebook page here.

MD in 2004

úterý 28. února 2012

Gustaf och Björn eller Björn och Gustaf

Gustaf and Björn are gonna be guests in P3 Sveriges Radio. They´re gonna play some music that influenced them and also their parents. The first playlist include these songs: 

Bob Marley -  “Zimbabwe”
James Brown - “The Boss”
Mando Diao - “The band”
Boney M - “Sometimes I feel Like A Motherless Child”
Rick James - “Give It To Me Baby”
The Beatles - “If I Fell”
Bob Dylan - “Let It Be Me”
John Coltrane - “My Favorite Things”
Love Unlimited - “Never, Never Gonna Give Ya Up”
Serge Gainsbourg - “Valse De Melody”
Liz Mitchell - “Perfect”
Donna Summer - “I Feel Love”
Victor Jara - “Te Recuerdo Amanda”
Hector Lavoe - “El Cantante”
Parliament - “Give Up The Funk”

And you can listen to the whole programme here:  

pondělí 27. února 2012

No matter what you'll say

Every time I found a video I haven´t seen before it´s such a great feeling:-) This time it´s God Knows... (Love this band so so much.)

...and Down in the past...from down in the past.

sobota 25. února 2012

I´ll be there waiting for you

Somehow I´ve had this video and this song in my mind this morning. So even if it´s pretty old stuff, I want to share it today. 

čtvrtek 23. února 2012

You might find a better place to play

More photos from Istanbul gig under this link.

Screaming for you tonight

Such a sweet photo from Meet & Greet in Istanbul.

The importance of being above it all

Ok, I´ll tell you the truth. I used to want to have Mando Diao in my homecountry. It was something like question of an honour. Yeah. I´m not very patriotic, but still... somewhere inside me there was something, like a little seed of some indefinable feeling to the country where I was born. That was why we took our flag to Borlänge, to Munich, that was why I was trying to write about Mando Diao to our newspapers, doing all those missions and wherever it was possible mention the name of my country. And trust me, there were moments when it all worth it. Even absolutely crazy moments in which the fact that we are from the Czech Republic helped us to be remembered. Our craziness for Mando Diao.
Having them here would be like a reward. Such a wonderful dream.
Last year our Street Team met few really stupid comments on Rock For People forum. Call me stupid but it kind of hurt me. Yeah, pathetic, that´s what I´m. Nevertheless I kind of lost it. Lost the motivation. I can travel and I love travel. I love seeing Mando Diao on a place where they are loved. The magic between the audience and the band, the vibrations...everything just the way it should be. That´s why the concert in Berlin in Zitadelle or Peace&Love experience were such a unforgetable moments.
It´s about something more than to see the concert. The whole atmosphere is important, the whole feeling. Like a concert in Poland. There were nothing in the air, sorry to say so. There were Dance With Somebody vibes. But in Berlin... I guess the band must feel it too. Probably that´s why they play rather hundred times in Berlin than to tour all around the world. 
So here we are. Mando goes to Open Air Festival. In the very moment when I actually didn´t want that anymore.
Honestly reading all those comments when Mando Diao was announced is something that can really ruined my mood. 
So all I wanted to say: Sugarplum Fairy and Johnossi PLEASE NEVER EVER HAVE A GIG IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC! Please don´t! I think I would not survive those comments and everything connected with it. I´d rather pay 200 euro than to have to deal with human stupidity or better say with stupidity of my nation.
And if the concert in August IS amazing, then I will tell sorry. I´d love to be wrong.

Here they come

So it´s here.... Mando Diao will play in the Czech Republic. Really. Finally. On the Open Air festival somewhere in the middle of nowhere:) I would have never thought that. So now the wishes come true. Our amazing Street Team finally MADE IT!

Mando Diao konečně vystoupí v České Republice! Tím požehnaným je Open Air Festival v Panském Týnci. Náš Street Team to dokázal.

PS: Jen tak mimochodem, Björn Dixgård NENÍ frontman kapely...!

úterý 21. února 2012

I close my eyes

I don´t know if it´s this video... or something in the air... but well... why not, Caligola...why not. I forgive you. You can listen to the snippets of the songs here. The album called Back to Earth will be released on 2. March 2012.

pondělí 20. února 2012

Read my lips in the evening

On and on……….

Co je k nalezení v českým časopisech pro ženy aneb povědomí českého národa o Mando Diao. Když vychází Greatest Hits je třeba to zmínit. O desce neskutečně vyšší kvality Above and Beyond nepadla ani zmínka...ale co už:-)

Tell my love we're gonna have a lot of fun

Gustaf Norén v rádiu Eksen, Istanbul.

In the eye of the storm

Due to my f-word illness I wasn´t able to update this blog as much as I´d like to. Nevertheless, Mando Diao played two shows recently. One kind of  non-announced in Munich at Thomas Sabo party. Watch this:

The second show was in Istanbul this Saturday, 18. 2. 2012. Some really nice videos I´d like to share... oh and I´d like to add that it´s really cool seeing Mando Diao on the stage again. Do it more often, guys. 

středa 8. února 2012

Borlänge, jag älskar dig....

Peace&Love 2011 for download as mp3... link HERE. Enjoy and .... enjoy. I DO miss Mando Diao. And Mando Diao&Peace&Love that´s simply magic. 

úterý 7. února 2012

But so much older than she's now

Some memories. Mando Diao at Sziget, five years ago.

... to be continued, August 2012.

Will offer you heart attacks

Swedish fans had/have a chance to win special plectrum, hidden in a special signed edition of Greatest Hits. Wonder who got/will get it. If you find it, you´ll win special VIP ticket for the next MD gig...(in Sweden..?) ... Lucky lucky Swedes!

That I was strange and weird

Have you forgotten about Mando Diao Street Team blog? Yes, so just check this out! 

All the dreams we chase

Listen to Mando Diao from Peace&Love 2011 today at 8.30 pm here.

pátek 3. února 2012

Morning light

Caligola Gustaf

And drinkers and loners who lives through the night

So interesting Upcoming shows, that´s why I share it. Just Peace&Love is missing... and maybe the Czech Republic...? (or not...) Cause honestly I dislike Rock For People and Colours of Ostrava doesn´t seem very real to me.  Sziget is absolutely the best choise you could ever do, Mando Diao (and Carlos).

When I was with you I saw the dawning

Frozen river and swans and almost - 15 degrees. Oh and Gustaf Norén had a birthday two days ago. Last year we (citizens on wrote a silly poem for him. This year it seems like he´s been in Berlin with Caligola. 
Some more photos here to find.

Grattis Mr. Gustaf Norén!