úterý 31. ledna 2012

My love is like a rain today

And fall in love with you

Where´s the borderline?

You can try to make us fit in your frame

This year Mando really surprises. Not only the concert in Istanbul in 18 days, but also (and mainly) the performance at SZIGET festival in Hungary. Now it´s Croatia and INmusic festival in Zagreb. I say: Wow! This is really awesome, finally heading somewhere else then to Germany and Switzerland. Cool.
Link to the festival here.

středa 25. ledna 2012

The hint of the century

Carl Norén/Sugarplum Fairy
(It´s here just because.)

Five years run by so fast

I can´t leave nostalgia at home... sorry, Budapest. And I still can´t function properly. Budapest, Budapest you´re the queen of my heart. You did it again. 

úterý 24. ledna 2012

We can build a new tomorrow, today

There´s a limited amount of happines one can stand. Now I think I´ve crossed that line. I can´t even describe all those feelings I have in me right now. It´s just too much to tell. And well, it´s hard to explain it all. It simply means TOO MUCH for me to see Mando Diao on SZIGET festival again and together with PLACEBO... it´s just more that I dared to dream about. I will cry like a little child and I´ll be pathetic and stupid and whatever... but this news got me falling down on my knees.
The whole morning I was listening to Placebo again, after lots of years... I don´t know why I actually choose this CD today instead of Sugarplum Fairy that constantly stays in my CD player. Just today. Placebo. And then I opened Facebook and saw it.
I´m not really sure if I´m able to calm down now.

pondělí 23. ledna 2012

What´s the use in giving up

This weekend was...really special. Caligola (which is not Mando Diao but I somehow want to write about it here) played the very first show in Zurich. You can check some photos here and here. Their first album will be released on March 2nd and will be called Back to Earth. If you wanna know more about the project just click here and read it.

Meanwhile, in my memories, I´ll stay in Malmö on mind-blowing gig from Sugarplum Fairy...................

(and post here photo of Mando Diao, which doesn´t make any sense concerning the content of this post, but this photo is really lovely...)

čtvrtek 19. ledna 2012

Just go crazy

Ghost&Phantoms vinyl is sold out! Caligola will play in Zurich this weekend. Mando Diao is still mind-blowing band. And I´m facing north.

středa 18. ledna 2012

Noone else knows what we´re doing right now

Another webEpisode that caught my attention. This time guys mostly speak about new stuff they´re doing and the old stuff they did. And how Gustaf can´t understand how one can be fan of Mando Diao. I´d love to explain it to him, if he wants to know:) 

pondělí 16. ledna 2012

You are not fashioned here

I miss Mando Diao. 

MD in Stockholm 2011...

I was sinking like a stone

Mando Diao will come to Switzerland - but undercover. As a part of the international artist collective Caligola the two bandleader will perform on Jan 22nd in Zurich. The new band will have their first live-appearance ever.
“I have no idea what will come out”, Gustaf tells. The audience will attend a birth. “…and all of us know: that’s pretty disgusting, but at the same time gorgeous”, says Gustaf.

Since two years now he and Björn are members of Caligola. “It’s like a playground for us. With Caligola we can carry out ideas that landed in the waste with Mando Diao”.  But Mando Diao is still alive. “Both bands are equally important for us. It’s just like we had two children”.
Right now the Swedes record a new album in Stockholm. And with a bit of luck the audience in Zurich will even hear some Mando Diao songs: “But only at the aftershow party. Provided that we’re drunken enough”, says Gustaf laughing.

Translation stolen from Isii loves MD:-)

The night we wrote our first song

I´ve found this old video we made with our Prague Special Unit as a contribution to one video competition and well... just wanna share it cause it´s kind of glamorous! And it should have won! 

See the world from your eyes

...somewhere Down in the past.

Oh believe me when I tell you

Don´t know if it´s something wrong with me, but I´m actually not that excited about the whole Caligola thing. Can´t explain why. It´s just the feeling inside. The first song Sting of Batlle was absolutely mind-blowing, interesting and great stuff. But the first single called Forgive Forget kind of dissapointed me. I don´t remember the melody in the very moment when the song stops play. I need to try it again and again, I guess. It´s just the second song, yeah. It´s still 50:50. But there is still the whole project. I´m not shocked about the video and the whole misterious thing, as some people might be. It´s just......I don´t know.  Probably it´s just because I really don´t know anything about it so I don´t have a reason being excited about it. And kind of natural antipathy against the whole concept. I do love mystery. You bet. But interesting mystery, you know. This is simply... well, just give it time to the whole thing. I´ll wait till I see them live, hear more... maybe I´ll change my mind. At the meantime I stay with Mando Diao.

Forgive Forget...

čtvrtek 12. ledna 2012

I would like to dedicate this song to Budapest

This news has nothing to do with Mando Diao, but on the other hand it has everything to do with Mando Diao. Hungarian festival called SZIGET that traditionaly takes place on Óbudai island in Budapest (island - sziget in hungarian, that´s why it´s called like this:-) ) won the award as a BEST of the biggest European festivals. So huge congratulations, here you can read more. And if you are from the middle Europe and wanna see Mando Diao on this amazing festival, you can fill in this simple form. Thanks in advance!

I have lost the track of time

Five Musketeers. And Gustaf as d´Artagnan...OR seven dwarfs and the Snow White.

neděle 8. ledna 2012

The land of hopes and big ideas

Listening to Mtv Unplugged the whole weekend. Some memories and some realizations...
If I Don´t Live Today... is probably the most wonderful song I´ve ever heard.
The whole thing seems to be so far away.
...and why the hell there are not more photos from the event?
Oh and the last one. Hail your sunny days comes probably from Heaven. To cut it short: Perfect.

úterý 3. ledna 2012

You know we die whenever we want

Just because that was the best concert from the last year. Berlin, Zitadelle and Mando Diao. 

En ny värld

Just so you know. Caligola will play at Peace&Love festival this year. Mando is not confirmed yet, but let´s hope for the best!