pondělí 23. července 2012

Five years run by so fast

Today I went throught some of my Mando Diao stuff I had, old tickets from concerts, maps of the cities I´ve been to because of them, confirmations from different accomodations, Peace & Love maps, programmes, that bag in which I bought my Mtv Unplugged vinyl in Borlänge... all those feelings are still hidden inside that folder. It´s like the smell of that certain moment that survives on all those things.
It was awesome. Every single minute of that travelling in chase of one lovely dream. I loved it. And I hope there are still left some more adventures called "Mando Diao madness". Because it all worth it.
However I feel part of it is over now. That naive feeling is gone. Time for a change, I guess. For something new. It was Mando Diao that brought me here, everything what happened last two and half a year was because of them. Yeah, simply as that. But not now.
I´d love to keep this blog alive, because it conserves great part of my life, all that makes sense. Nevertheless I´m affraid I won´t have so much time in upcoming.... life. I will try to do my best. Because Mando Diao is love of my life. Always will be. No matter how Caligola they are now and how much I hate it.
If there are still some readers of my blog I just wanna say THANK YOU! Thanks for reading and writing me awesome messages. Now it´s not only Mando Diao that makes me write posts here, but especially YOU all. Thank you again!

Ok, stop being nostalgic. What´s next? The concert in the Czech Republic, of course! Don´t forget about Meet & Greet. You can WIN one if you don´t have enough points. Go here!

2 komentáře:

  1. Just made me cry. This blog is part of my mando journey too, it always touches me how close is to my feelings and thoughts. For a moment I couldn't bare that mix of lost naivety feelings, hope and so sweet memories although I'm still somewhere in the middle of my mando/caligola madness and maybe still a bit naive. No matter what, THANK YOU!

  2. And I thank you Lana for reading and letting me know that you read my blog!!! I appreaciate it a lot!
    Love, V.