úterý 8. ledna 2013

World On Fire

I think I had a section long time ago on this blog where I tried to present you some new bands that are worth to listen to... I´m convinced that I definitely published at least one entry concerning this topic. To remind you it was about Borlänge band called Goodlooking Trash. I still stand up for this. Check them out. For example here or here

And when we´re into it right now I´d like to talk about this Stockholm band called (right now) The Royal Concept. Some of you might knew them as The Concept or The Concept Store back then. They´re going to be really big, I promise. You don´t wanna miss them now. Listen and watch and go to their gig when you have the chance. You have my word you won´t regret! (You can write me if you do...:-) )
The band consist of Filip Bekic, David Larson, Povel Olsson and Magnus Robert Nilsson. Which the first two of them have the responsibility of the lyrics and melodies. They released their LP, order it right now here. Played many many shows in US and Sweden and Europe in general and their very first album is (hopefully) to be released this year (2013). What else to add? See for yourself here and here and maybe even here. Have fun.

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