pátek 8. února 2013

Infruset Turné 2013 - Stockholm

You have it, Mando Diao. From all those bands I love you´re the only one who really have it. That thing I can´t name. It´s not that the other bands are less important or worse. Not at all. Sometimes on the contrary. It´s that feeling. So powerfull. Lifechanging. Yes, maybe I´m exagerating a little bit cause your brothers´ band, Gustaf, they have something very similar too. However still... there´s something I feel and see and hear once in a while on your concert, Mando Diao, that I´ve never felt or saw or heard before or any other concert I´ve been to. Maybe you understand maybe not... 

So now I´m floating in the air, Mando Diao. Floating on your music and I wonder how´s  possible that those guys I don´t know from the country which is not my homecountry in the language that is not my mother tounge are singing about place I love, where I grew up and when I want to return one day. How´s that possible? Have they ever been there? Do they know me? So far far away and so close. Those melodies... it´s in there, for sure. 

Stockholm. Älskade hemstad. Tack. 

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