pátek 19. července 2013


Something awesome is happening right now. Let´s not talk about it too much, just not to scare it and let it dissapear. 
On 31th of August, Mando Diao and Sugarplum Fairy will be playing in Borlänge... have you heard of it?? I hope I will see you there! Oh I almost forget, the concert is sold out, BUT there will be another one. Go and get a ticket (or two... or more..) Link HERE.

At the meantime I´d like to remember one concert in Stockholm. It happened at Skansen. Mando Diao played another show from their Infruset Tour. However not only Infruset... as an encore we could hear Dance With Somebody! Kind of interesting combination but nevertheless absolutely powerfull. Makes me think again... how much I miss Mando Diao without Infruset. No matter how lovely it is. 

They are simply very famous right now. They also turned into completely different band. And that´s actually what they do all the time. Like a chameleón. Do you remember Unplugged times? Or Give Me Fire concerts with those background singers? Or do you remember Mando Diao from Never Seen The Light Of Day? There are lots of stories... Can´t wait for the next chapter.


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