sobota 7. září 2013

They are like a hurricane

It’s an English pub, dark English pub. And there are some heavy metal bands that are going to play tonight. I’m here because of LES GORDONS. The band I fell in love with few months ago. Now they are finally back in Stockholm.

I’ve seen lots of bands live in my life. It was just a few of them that made me feel alive for a while. It was Mando Diao and Sugarplum Fairy for sure. It was The Royal Concept sometimes. It was Johnossi, of course. And it was Les Gordons which is something I wouldn’t expect. Not from a new young band.

Their performance was impressive, rough, breathtaking. I felt like I was time traveller and suddenly appeared down in the past watching one of the early Mando Diao shows. One of those I missed and I always wanted to see. I felt like I got the chance. Not with the Mando Diao themselves, but with Les Gordons.

Above all Les Gordons are full of energy, passion and self-confidence. Deathly combination. They simply get you. I believe in them. They have it. Like Mando Diao. They are going to be big.

You want to be part of it? Don’t miss the chance, be there right from the start. See the whole story.

You know how? Join the Official Street Team of Les Gordons. To begin with like the page and get in touch with me. Together we’ll make this ride worth it!

2 komentáře:

  1. Have they released any album/EP? I'd love to hear more of their songs.

  2. Not yet! They are about to release their first album this year. Let´s hope for something more soon!!