pondělí 2. května 2011

Lost in the woods where my generation grows

Mando Diao to PEACE&LOVE! And I so love this...

Peace & Love 2011 theme: Courage, hope and love

Did you see crying people on the TV this morning? Did you see charts on how the ice-caps are melting, that the world is getting worse, less safe and poorer? Did you hear the neighbour yelling at their little child again, did you read the word racism, cut downs, weapon export, powerlessness and mistreatment of animals in the newspaper?

What did you do next? Did you just turn it off, didn’t want to watch, there is still nothing to be done about it?

That’s where you are wrong, you play an important part in all of this! Now we are gathering, opening our eyes and our hearts. We have the ability to do it, we can do it and we want to do it. Together we can change and improve the world we live in.

The theme of Peace & Love 2011 is about Courage. It is about Hope. It is about Love. It is about all of us on this planet being connected to one another. We live on the same planet. We have nowhere else to go. We want to introduce you to brave people who have changed the course of history, and inspire you who are reading this to change the future. Dare to say stop, it’s enough! Dare to stand up for someone else, dare to stand up for yourself. Because there is hope, there are so many strong good forces out there. And there are infinite amounts of love if only you dare give and receive them.

Courage. Hope. Love. These three words are given to you. Carry them with you, make them your own. We are all part of a greater unity. Welcome to the 2011 Peace & Love theme Courage, hope and love!

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