pondělí 26. prosince 2011

Honest state of mind

Music has special power. It can change things, people, feelings, hours into minutes. I´m trying to remember if also another music had that power over me as Mando Diao, Sugarplum Fairy and Johnossi has now. And yes...YES  is the answer. Music actually has changed my life. And I don´t even play any musical instrument, I can´t sing and I guess I don´t know any music note properly. I´ve never tried it. Maybe I would be able to play or sing, I don´t know. And it feels like it´s too late anyway. 
Music has changed me in different way, I don´t need to BE a musician. Music got into my heart, my stomach, my mind, my soul or whatever is inside me and took control of me. Completely. Probably forever. 
Even I thought that my life is writing, writing can´t always heal me. Not nowadays. Music has done something to me. I don´t feel whole when I don´t have my music. And when I have the music, nothing else matters.
I´m pathetic again, I guess. This blog is Ode to Mando Diao, so why not writing about the feeling that Mando Diao gave me? Why don´t tell: I fucking can´t live without you?
Why not. It´s Christmas.

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