pátek 2. prosince 2011

Why the hell was not Mats a little bit to the left

Excited about the third window from Christmas calendar?? Ooops there is also the second one! The Björn´s song called Sing the Bossanova. Listen to it here. And this is what I wanted to share with you, just because I have to remember it today thanks to that stunning video for Christmas Could....
Oh and this is what I found today. Nice Christmas greetings from 2005....Those were the days...

We with Mando Diao would like to wish all our friends and fans a very Merry Christmas. We are enjoying time together with our families and hope that you are all enjoying the Holiday time as well. Thanks for the year that has been and we are excited about what 2006 has to offer!
Santa gave Gustaf socks and me a toothbrush. Swell.

I wanna share something completely different but this is also nice...

THIS IS the one I wanted to post today!

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