pondělí 16. ledna 2012

I was sinking like a stone

Mando Diao will come to Switzerland - but undercover. As a part of the international artist collective Caligola the two bandleader will perform on Jan 22nd in Zurich. The new band will have their first live-appearance ever.
“I have no idea what will come out”, Gustaf tells. The audience will attend a birth. “…and all of us know: that’s pretty disgusting, but at the same time gorgeous”, says Gustaf.

Since two years now he and Björn are members of Caligola. “It’s like a playground for us. With Caligola we can carry out ideas that landed in the waste with Mando Diao”.  But Mando Diao is still alive. “Both bands are equally important for us. It’s just like we had two children”.
Right now the Swedes record a new album in Stockholm. And with a bit of luck the audience in Zurich will even hear some Mando Diao songs: “But only at the aftershow party. Provided that we’re drunken enough”, says Gustaf laughing.

Translation stolen from Isii loves MD:-)

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