čtvrtek 23. února 2012

The importance of being above it all

Ok, I´ll tell you the truth. I used to want to have Mando Diao in my homecountry. It was something like question of an honour. Yeah. I´m not very patriotic, but still... somewhere inside me there was something, like a little seed of some indefinable feeling to the country where I was born. That was why we took our flag to Borlänge, to Munich, that was why I was trying to write about Mando Diao to our newspapers, doing all those missions and wherever it was possible mention the name of my country. And trust me, there were moments when it all worth it. Even absolutely crazy moments in which the fact that we are from the Czech Republic helped us to be remembered. Our craziness for Mando Diao.
Having them here would be like a reward. Such a wonderful dream.
Last year our Street Team met few really stupid comments on Rock For People forum. Call me stupid but it kind of hurt me. Yeah, pathetic, that´s what I´m. Nevertheless I kind of lost it. Lost the motivation. I can travel and I love travel. I love seeing Mando Diao on a place where they are loved. The magic between the audience and the band, the vibrations...everything just the way it should be. That´s why the concert in Berlin in Zitadelle or Peace&Love experience were such a unforgetable moments.
It´s about something more than to see the concert. The whole atmosphere is important, the whole feeling. Like a concert in Poland. There were nothing in the air, sorry to say so. There were Dance With Somebody vibes. But in Berlin... I guess the band must feel it too. Probably that´s why they play rather hundred times in Berlin than to tour all around the world. 
So here we are. Mando goes to Open Air Festival. In the very moment when I actually didn´t want that anymore.
Honestly reading all those comments when Mando Diao was announced is something that can really ruined my mood. 
So all I wanted to say: Sugarplum Fairy and Johnossi PLEASE NEVER EVER HAVE A GIG IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC! Please don´t! I think I would not survive those comments and everything connected with it. I´d rather pay 200 euro than to have to deal with human stupidity or better say with stupidity of my nation.
And if the concert in August IS amazing, then I will tell sorry. I´d love to be wrong.

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