pondělí 27. února 2012

No matter what you'll say

Every time I found a video I haven´t seen before it´s such a great feeling:-) This time it´s God Knows... (Love this band so so much.)

...and Down in the past...from down in the past.

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  1. youtube search mando diao this week helps i do it everyweek discovered this two incredible live performances 1 month ago =) they were awesome in istanbul the cameras cant really capture the feeling you get from them

  2. You saw them in Istanbul? Awesome! Can imagine it must have been perfect!

  3. Yea i live in istanbul so that was a dream come true!! I imagined because they are coming here for the first time they would give all they got and they really did! Gustaf and Björn was a little bit suprised because me and my friend were the only guys who knew all the songs and every lyric :D Other people seemed to just came to listen to Dance with some body i guess =/ You should have seen Björns face when we screamed ''AMSTERDAAMMMMM!!!'' between a silent moment while they prepare for another song :D:D

  4. hahaha!! That´s awesome!! This year dreams come true, I guess. Mando is coming to my country too, after 5 years. It´s awesome they finally come to another countries than to Germany!
    I know that, when I was in a gig in Poland, people didn´t know the lyrics and only know Dance with somebody, haha, I have almost the same experience, between two songs we screamed Long before rock´n´roll!!! with my friend instead the others screamed DWS. And we also catched a glance from Björn:D
    How did you discover Mando anyway? It´s great you know them even in Istanbul!

  5. Well my brother called me from germany when they played Gloria in a tv show for the first time and told me they were good. I opened up the youtube and searched for the song didnt even knew the bands name so i discovered them hard way :D
    Anyway as you can imagine i fall in love with the band after listening to the Give me fire album on a bus trip with my brother to a vacation.We listened to it played gloria acoustic and decided to form a band too =) We were a little bit different musicaly but finally we come togather in a band we both liked.Started writing songs togather you can imagine how special the band is for me.After i went back to istanbul i went to my grandparents summer house now owning all albums.Discovering their music was a perfect experience i cannot describe in english or any other langugage. I never thought i would find another band that i would like so much after i finished all the beatles albums =) Always had this thought in my head why they are not world famous you know ? The only down side to concert in istanbul (if you dont mind the sound issues the band was having because of the crappy place) no matter how much i liked CJ's bass playing i didnt even looked at him once because Gustaf and Björn are such frontmans you cant take your eyes from them they are so unpredictable last i remember Björn threw him self on the ground screaming at no body gustaf was bursting water from is mouth to björn and playing his guitar like a madman it was almost like watching Sex Pistols or any other punk band :D Man the energy they have :D Omg i wrote too much

  6. Everything you wrote made me speechless!!! You´re so right! It´s incredible that so many people have the same feeling. The feeling that this band changed them their lives! Their music is SO powerfull! I really don´t understand that they are not MORE famous.
    And the fact that they made you started your own band. WOW! So that must be really something seeing them live in Istanbul. And the show must have been F-word unforgetable. So much energy you describe!!! Maybe they have even more energy than usually cause they played in Istanbul for the first time. Wow, really.
    I think they should not stop being Mandpo Diao. Of course Caligola is interesting and so on... but still. It´s Madno Diao at the first place for me.