neděle 2. září 2012


If you tried to visit last days, you didn´t succes, I guess. There are some changes happening on the home page, changes I don´t quite understand and I don´t really like them. Maybe I little bit hurry things, but change or connect to facebook doesn´t seem to me like a good idea. If you also don´t agree, join this petition, please!
Apart from these changes, Mando (probably) are going to release their Swedish album, as they announced many months ago. It´s going to called Infruset, according to Gustaf´s Norén Twitter status. The released date is 31. October. Let´s see! They´re also working on new Caligola album, new single and stuff like that.

Speaking of Gustaf Norén, yes, he now has public Twitter account. Crazy idea. Weird indeed. But you can stalk him there, if you want to.

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