pátek 1. března 2013

Touch new ground

"Sometimes I miss you so much I can hardly stand it"... well yeah. This not happens that often, but right now...I miss you. It´s because I know so much about you and you mean a lot. I´ve just checked one band´s page, one band´s I recently started to adore, and I realize: "Man, I don´t know anything about these guys!" But more important is that I don´t even want to discover anything. Maybe I´m too old or too lazy or just it´s not possible to love another band that much like I love you. Give you everything. No, I don´t want to. I will just listen to the music. I don´t wanna know all those details about anyone else than you, Mando Diao. 

Feels like the circle is back at its very beggining. When I started with Mando Diao I only listened to the music, without faces. Then I discovered that unique page mandodiao.com and the obssesion started. Now I´m back. Back with the music. No faces. Or at least no details. No craziness. Travelling throught whole Europe for a concert. Nope. 

But now I miss you. Just because of all of that I mentioned before. Because of all of that I won´t have with any other band. That´s why I miss you now. But I can stand it. 

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