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Les Gordons - Born ready

Another part of the "Introducing new bands" series. This time I'm proudly presenting the Special edition including an exclusive interview with the band!

The Swedish group Les Gordons is coming from Örebro to take over not only Sweden. The band consist of Jonatan Renström - lead vocals and guitars, Albert Björliden playing bass, Andreas Persson - keys, guitarist Carl Ragnemyr and drummer David Runebjörk

The band is about to release their debut album  "I'm gonna leave this town", you can watch their official video for the single "She's Like A Hurricane" here plus read a really interesting interview made with the band!


What was the very first moment when you realized that you wanted to start a band?

Well, the moment when I decided that I was going to be a rockstar was when I saw The Strokes' video to their song Last Nite. Before that I only listened to hiphop and Michael Jackson. That opened up my eyes for rock and I found a lot of music through that.
A few years later me and Albert, who had a similar experience with Ramones, decided to start a band. We later found Andreas, Carl and David along the road.
What is your biggest dream, what would you like to achieve with your music?

Our ultimate goal is to be as big as possible and always gain new grounds. If our music could mean as much to people like some bands do to us we have succeded. If we influence someone in any way that's a good thing. We would rather have someone hating us than don't care at all.   

Which artists inspire you as a band? 

Our strength is that we come from quite different musicial backgrounds but we share the same idea of what Les Gordons is. Some bands and artists that inspire us are The Beatles, Bob Dylan, The Doors, The Kinks, Oasis, The Strokes, Blur, Håkan Hellström, Mando Diao, Broder Daniel, The View, The Libertines and so on. But we listen to a lot of music that isn't similar to our sound.  

Who writes the songs & lyrics? What’s your inspiration? 

Jonatan is the one that writes the songs but we arrange them together. The songs are not political but always important. They could be about anything but often they encourage you to think for yourself and to go your own way. Some songs are stories and others are just a point of view or a feeling. 

Do you think it’s an advantage to be Swedish when you want to start a band? Why (not)?

Yes, it definitely is, for a lot of reasons. First of all, Sweden is a country that spend a lot of money on culture so it's very easy to start a band in Sweden. You will easily get a rehearsal room and access to a studio. Second, there's a lot of good bands from Sweden so that makes kids intrested in music and new bands are formed. Just like with sports. A lot of swedes got intressed in football only because of Zlatan Ibrahimovic. and third, Sweden is cold and dark most of the year and that makes people creative. 

What are your plans right now? When can we expect some more songs to be released? 

2013 is the year of Les Gordons. We have just recorded our debut album and we will release it this year. We are also planning a tour in Europe. 

Do you think you are ready to face the crowds of screaming fans who are waiting to adore you deeply? 

We were born ready. The question is, are you? 

Oh I bet we're ready, aren't we?! 

Don't forget to check their official band page here and LIKE their facebook page as well. Next gig is set to 5th June in Uppsala, Sweden. Be there! 

And HUGE thanks goes to Les Gordons for the interview!!!

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  1. It's like watching Sheepdog. The whole setting, the red guitar, the way they move. In fact it is like watching MANDO DIAO...

  2. Yes, that was my thought as well. They are really excelent live and they remined me of "old" young MD. Then I found this video:)