neděle 16. června 2013

Raining in paradise

Lazy Sunday afternoon. Few months without Mando Diao. They are certainly working on their new english album. They are playing shows with Infruset still. And there was a release of GOLD version of Infruset recently. You can watch the new cute video for the new song Säv, Säv... They also played at Skansen on the Swedish National Day and they met the king:) 
You can check the whole summer tour under this link

But there is something else I wanna tell you. About today. About Sunday afternoon that begins with sun...

...and ended up with hail and terrible rain. We were at Kungsträdgården to see RixFM festival and Mando Diao played two songs for us. Snigelns Visa and Strövtåg...And no matter the rain we stood there and watch them singing like it was completely normal Sunday afternoon. 

And they are still looking good and they are still making great music and I´m grateful for that. And that´s pretty much all.

2 komentáře:

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  2. Thanks for the update! The video was so soothing (even though it's a bit weird) , just the two of them together :) I wish they'd do a world wide tour, I'd love to see them in Australia...