středa 10. dubna 2013

Viktor & Jonas & Samuel

I bet you´ve already heard about it. Samuel Giers the former drummer from Mando Diao is starting a new band. And he´s not alone in it. Actually there are two more guys. Both from Sugarplum Fairy. One of them is Viktor and the second is Jonas. The band´s name is VIKTOR & THE BLOOD. You should check their page or twitter or what so ever

Their first single called "Kicks out on a Saturday night" is about to be released! So hurry up! Write the date 22th April somewhere!
Plus there´s gonna be debut EP soon, 29th April. 
And that is not all. There´s more. TOUR dates.

10 Maj Göteborg - @ Sticky Fingers
17 Maj Stockholm - @ Debaser Medis
23 Maj Malmö - @ Debaser
29 Maj Helsinki - @ Semifinal

It´s definitely exciting and I´m looking forward to hear/see/know more.

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