úterý 11. listopadu 2014

Till I stop pretending

I´m old and boring. I have no dreams anymore and I hate the new Mando Diao. I hate them because they took it from me. I hate them because when I look at their old pictures, when I listen to their old songs, I feel like it all has sense again. After all. I feel alive. I want to scream and jump, I want to get lost in their music, I want to lost my fucked-up mind. I want to be alive. It´s in their picture. The feeling. 

They took it all from me. They become something funny, something plain, stupid, something shallow. I´m alone. I miss them. I miss them not. 

I blame them. It´s easier. So I keep on doing it. Blame them for it all. Because what if they just stayed the way they were? What if....? Would it be easier? 

I blame them because of that picture I see, because of what I feel when I look at it, because of it all they are not anymore, because of it all what I´m not anymore, I blame them because they are like the life, constantly changing, constantly slipping through my fingers. 

If only they could stay the same when everything else is falling apart. That is why I blame them all.

Do you know what I mean?

2 komentáře:

  1. "They are like the life, constantly changing, constantly slipping through my fingers."
    I really like that line, it's so sad and bittersweet.

    And I know how you feel. Well, of course we don't feel 100% the same, but I feel like that too. Now they're becoming something that I can't relate to. I don't blame them, but I can't help but wish that they could stay the same... I miss being in love with their music.

  2. I completely know what you mean. It's incredible how much they've changed.