sobota 10. prosince 2016

I live for the moment now

Two years have already passed since my last (sad and little bit angry) post. 
Many things have changed. First, my dear Mando Diao fans, Mando Diao no longer exists. But "livet går vidare", life continues.
I lived in Sweden. I had the best days of my life. All that thanks to me, my beloved partner in crime and least but not last thanks to Mando Diao, Sugarplum Fairy and Johnossi and all lovely musicians from Sweden I happened to meet during that crazy ride. 
Sometimes I google Ode to Mando Diao and just for fun look at the old post, read through this "craziness", through these insane years. I felt that reading the lines "I hate Mando Diao!" as the first post on this blog I spent so many years with would be unfair and stupid. So I felt this urge to write another post (and maybe even more, who knows). 
Because I had the time of my life. 

I remember how I walked through the Slussen tunnel, in my hands holding the new signed vinyl from The Royal Concept, heading towards Johnossi show in Radiohuset. I knew that moment "This is it! This is my life, now and here!" and I own this to Mando as well. That very moment. So I can´t hate them. I still love them. 

I remember all of you, my dearest friends. How we sometimes continued to be friends even without Mando and how we sometimes not. 

So I sort of ends here. Some of you still have the new Mando with Björn, some might love the new Gustaf, State of Sound, Carl´s songs on Soundcloud and hey, there is new Johnossi album coming!

Who knows :-)  

And I am thinking what kind of song I should put here? Which song says it all?

...and if life is just a ride it should be fun

Love, V.

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